Write an Email to Your Friend About a Suggestion on English

Suppose, Your final term exam will Start Soon. your preparation on English is not good. Request your friend through e-mail to help you by sending a suggestion on English subject.

From:  [email protected]

To:  [email protected]

Sent:  Sunday,  March 20, 2016; 6:00pm
Subject:  Email to Your Friend About a Suggestion on English

Dear Akib,

I hope You are Doing well. I am also will. As You know I was out of the city for the past three months. I was having fun on my home village. Recently I have visited to the City.

I have paid very little attention to English. You also know that I am week at English. I am lagging behind in this matter. I need the suggestion so bedly. Therefore, I urgently need a suggestion from you on the said subject. It would be greatly appreciated if you send it to me using my e-mail address.

Your Loving Friend


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