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My Favourite Teacher 20 lines Paragraph

In this post, We will Share with you My Favourite Teacher 20 lines. If You read the paragraph Cairfully then You can expect full marks on the examination hall and class test.

My Favourite Teacher 20 lines

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  1. There are fifty teachers in the staff of my school.
  2. But I like Mr. RP Tyagi the most.
  3. He is an ideal teacher.
  4. He is highly qualified and a master of his subject.
  5. All students hold him in high esteem.
  6. Mr. Tyagi teaches us English.
  7. He is quite at home in his subject.
  8. He is a qualified experienced teacher.
  9. He has all the threads on this end.
  10. He understands our difficulties and
  11. explains the problems step by step clearly.
  12. He is interested in teaching students.
  13. His method of teaching is simple and easy to understand.
  14. He treats all the students equally.
  15. He is hardworking, honest and kind.
  16. He is regular and punctual.
  17. He devotes extra time to teasing and helping the students.
  18. Often entertains his students with an innocent joke.
  19. He never punishes them, although he does expect strict discipline in the classroom.
  20. He has a distinguished personality.


So, we have Shared with You My Favourite Teacher 20 lines. That can feat for any class. You will get full marks from reading the Eassay Cairfully. I hope this Post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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