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Wonder of Modern Science Composition for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, SSC, HSC

In this post, We will share we with You Composition on Wonder of Modern Science Composition. It will take up to 20 30 minutes to fully understand the Composition.  

Wonder of Modern Science Composition

Wonder of Modern Science Composition for Class 6, 7, 8

Science began from the moment humans learned to use common sense, even if it was a caveman. But when we look at the wonders of science created so far, we will see both sides of the coin. Science is both a boon and a curse for us, but it depends on how we use it.

Science may have made our life easier by becoming a boon, but it is we who turn the discoveries of science into a curse due to our greed. The benefits of science will certainly outweigh the disadvantages, and the basic proof of this is a habitable world. Science was the driving force behind evolution, and this may be one of the greatest wonders of science. The contribution of science in every field begins with observation and then experimentation, which ultimately results in a new invention.

Science from the very beginning has helped us to overcome darkness by bringing light as well as discovering the reasons behind the existence of darkness. But whenever science is used for morally wrong purposes, it always adversely affects us in some way or the other. Therefore, being civilized means using the wonders of science for the benefit of mankind.

Wonder of Modern Science Composition for Class 9, 10, SSC

To imagine a world without science is like imagining death or an ultimate end. This is because science is something that has always been a very complex and integrated part of our lives. Due to the contribution of science in the field of agriculture, food grains are being produced. Starting with the telegram, then the telephone and now the smartphone, science is the cause of all these inventions and their development.

One such great invention that impressed us as much as the discovery or creation of fire once did is the invention of electricity. The discovery of electricity opened many doors to other scientific inventions, which were only meant to make existence even easier. The discovery of different types of energy also meant the development of the most efficient transportation systems we currently have.

Troubles and difficulties have always helped people find solutions using science, whether knowingly or unknowingly. With science, we have found ways to satisfy our needs and wants, even in the absence of the real things we need. That is, science has also introduced artificiality in our lives in a way so that we are not deprived of the things we need and want.

Another wonder of science was to help people grow and become more open-minded by almost dwindling superstitions with almost all kinds of explorations, discoveries and inventions. But equally, some of these wonders of science were used in destructive purposes rather than just focusing on using them for the good of mankind.

Wonder of Modern Science Composition for Class11, 12, HSC

We live in the age of wisdom. It has changed the face of the world. So the prodigies of wisdom are visible everyplace around us. It has made our life easier, longer and more comfortable. Without wisdom we can not suppose of our life. Science has contributed a lot to our comforts.

Air- exertion can keep us cool everyplace in the world. Central heating makes it possible to keep us warm indeed at the poles. Labor saving widgets have reduced the burden of ménage chores. Again, we’ve pictures, TV, radio etc for entertainment.

The invention of electricity has changed the whole world overnight. We’ve electric lights, suckers, refrigerators and all the labor- saving appliances at home-all work through electric power.
Electricity also enables us to use lifts and escalators which save us from the hassle of going up and down stairs. Science has removed the distance of the place. It has saved time. We also have awful means of trip. Buses and motorcars are veritably common.

Electric trains take us across the land veritably snappily. Spurt aeroplanes move like a flash in the sky.
Therefore fast trip is possible only because of the cautions of wisdom. With the help of wisdom, we’ve indeed reached the moon. Soon we’re going to travel to other globes.
Science has done a lot of magic in the field of communication.

Telephone, fax, wireless, mobile phone, internet etc – all the great prodigies of wisdom have conquered time, space and distance and brought the world closer to us. The invention of computer is the biggest wonder of ultramodern wisdom. In fact, the computer is ruling all the former inventions that humanity has ever made possible. The use of Internet technology with computers has brought another revolution for man. It has made the world fastest which is beyond imagination. It has made the world a global vill.

Science has done prodigies in the medical world too.

Robots, test tube children, heart transplants, eye grafting, etc. are each dramatic benefactions of wisdom. We can mention the names of penicillin,X-ray, ECG, vivisection,ultra-sonography. As a armament of wisdom against conditions like radiotherapy etc. There really is no limit to the prodigies of wisdom.

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