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Tree Plantation Composition for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

In this post, We will share with You a Composition on Tree Plantation Composition. It will take up to 20 30 minutes to fully understand the Composition.

Tree Plantation Composition

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Tree Plantation Composition For Class 6, 7, 8

Plantation means planting a large number of trees across the country. Trees are beneficial to us in many ways. Trees help us with fruit, wood, flowers, and fuel. They supply us with oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. They protect us from natural calamities like storms, floods, and droughts. Also, they help us maintain ecological balance. So, trees play an important role in our ecosystem.

Unfortunately, some greedy and selfish people are cutting down trees on a massive scale. Random cutting of trees will eventually turn the country into a desert. Every country needs a minimum of 25% forest cover of its total land area to maintain its ecological environment. In fact, about 17% of our country is forested.

We need to plant more trees. June and July are suitable months for planting trees. We can save the environment by planting more trees. Trees can be planted along ponds, riverbanks, highways and railways, hillsides, and other places. Additionally, we need to spread awareness about the importance of planting more trees. The government and the public sector need to cooperate to make the plantation efforts a reality.

Tree Plantation Paragraph Composition For Class 9, 10

Plantation refers to the planting of trees on a large scale. Trees are very important to us in many ways. We cannot imagine our life without trees. Trees fill a large part of our food deficit by providing fruits and vegetables. The leaves, roots, and bark of the plant are often used to make a variety of medicines. They help maintain ecological balance by providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Trees provide shelter and food for many species of birds and other reptiles.

Unfortunately, some greedy people are damaging the forest by cutting trees for their own gain. This destruction has a negative impact on our ecosystem. Global temperature is increasing gradually. It has become a global problem. Hence tree planting should be considered as a project. If we want to save the ecosystem, we need to plant more trees. Usually, the trees are planted from June to August. They can be planted along roadsides as well as in all schools and universities. Similarly, any open space in and around the house should be used for planting trees.

Government must use various means to encourage people to plant trees. Moreover, all stakeholders must participate to make the plantation program successful.

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So, we have Shared with You Tree Plantation Composition. I hope this post was helpful to You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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