Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Trip to Hyderabad

In this post, we will Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Trip to Hyderabad. It’s will take You around 15-30 minutes to fully understand and complete the Letter. So, Read the Letter carefully.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Trip to Hyderabad



Dear Sakib,

How are you? Yesterday I returned from Hyderabad, the ‘City of the Nizams’. I enjoyed a lot. We saw many things like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Lumbini Park, Ramoji Film City etc. I thought Hyderabad is not very interesting but if we overlook some places then it was not a boring trip either.

When I reached Hyderabad for the first time I thought I was in USA or England because there are clean and well maintained roads. Then I saw on the road on the way to the guest house how clean the road was. We went to visit Charminar from our guest house. I saw the ancient building and the markets around it. I thought it looked so beautiful in pictures and on television but in reality it looked so ugly and it was full of dust. When I climbed all the stairs (which seemed to be thousands to me) I reached the top. Then I realized that climbing all the stairs is worthwhile. I had pain in my leg till the next day. Next day we went to Ramoji Film City. It was a huge place. There was a model of the Eiffel Tower, that was the thing that I loved the most in Film City. I thought it was a maze and we could get lost. But luckily we didn’t. Everything was so beautifully decorated that it cannot be described in words. Birla Mandir needs to be overlooked. There were a variety of shops along the way which seemed bigger and more crowded than the temple. Actually we did not go inside the temple. After this we visited the Salarjung Museum. It was huge and overcrowded. Since it was a museum, I didn’t enjoy it much. But the collection was great. It was so big that we could not cover the entire museum in a two day trip. I wanted to break the museum because I was tired of walking in it. Next was the Nizam Museum. The Nizam’s house was again made into a museum. He was very rich. I thought that if he was so rich that he could decorate everything with silver, gold and diamonds, why didn’t he spend some money in charity. Would have been nice and we didn’t have to go to such a boring place. Chowmohla Mahal was one of the worst. I have never seen such a bad place. But I have to admit that it was pretty neat and that’s why I at least saw it. The zoo was one of the best. Everything was great especially the sun bear. It was so cute and me and mom were giving nice poses while we were clicking pictures. Lumbini Park was a lake in which a standing Buddha statue is situated. The idol was so good that I could not capture the whole in my mobile camera. Golconda Fort is where we went next. It was huge and the shooting was going on. I was more interested in watching the shooting than seeing the fort. This is how I went to Hyderabad.

How was your trip to Kerala? Salute to uncle and aunt and love to Maya. I will wait patiently for your letter. Will you come to Avinash’s birthday party? See you there bye.

Your Lovingly,



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