Write a Letter to Your Friend About road safety

In this post, we will Informal Write a Letter to Your Grandparents Describing Your visit to a Hill Station. It’s will take You around 15-30 minutes to fully understand and complete the letter. So, Read the Letter carefully.

Write a Letter to Your Friend About road safety



Dear Shakib,

I hope you are healthy. I am doing well and have been busy for quite some time. It’s been a long time since I wrote to you, so I thought I’d give you a letter.
Life has completely changed since childhood. When we went to school together. Those were the times!
It reminds me how good and smooth our village roads used to be. How easily we cycled. But now, the scenario has completely changed. Motorcycles have replaced our bicycles and village roads have replaced these busy city roads. One thing about these roads is really unfortunate. Their condition is bad. Indeed, the roads of this city are full of potholes. Especially during monsoons, during heavy rains, these roads turn into hell roads. Literally I mean the same. The number of accidents is high during this season. In any case, whatever the season, the authorities should perform their duties responsibly. Roads are a major concern in our country. The government needs to take drastic measures to fix this. So that no one can lose their loved ones in a road accident.
Next time we meet, we will definitely write to the authorities together. I will be home next month for the new year. Let’s meet then. It’s been a long time since we spent good time together.
I will await your reply to inquire about your well-being.
your love,



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