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My Dream House Paragraph 100,150, 200 Words

In this post, We will share with You a Paragraph on My Dream House Paragraph with 100,150, 200 Words. We will Share the Paragraph for all of the classes from 1 to 12. So let’s start.

My Dream House Paragraph

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My Dream House 10 lines

  1. My house is the most important place my life.
  2. My house is very airy and bright.
  3.  My house is very clean.
  4. My home is located in New Delhi.
  5. My house has four bedrooms, a yard, a  kitchen and two toilets.                             
  6. I have a puja and a study hall in my house.
  7. I have a big garden in front of my house.
  8. There are total six members in my house.
  9. We feel completely safe in our home.
  10. I love my house very much.

My Dream House 5 Sentence

1. My house is the 2 best house in the world.

2. Moy House 2 is too big.

3. It has 4 rooms and a large hall.

4. I also have a swimming pool in my house.

5. i love my house.

My Dream House Paragraph 100 Words

My ideal dream house would be a house where I can live with my family. A beautiful balcony is a must in my dream home. It should have a garden where one can play or plant and enjoy. My dream home should have a sense of comfort. All rooms should be spacious and airy. My pets should have their corner. A comfortable study room is a necessity in my dream home. Even if the house is not big, it should give positive energy. The interior should be well planned. My dream house must have lots of plants.

My Dream House Paragraph 150 Words

I once dreamed of a dream house. It was so beautiful that you can not think about it! It was painted with many colors like blue, green, red, pink, yellow etc. It had a chocolate road and a park along that road. The park had a swing, a slide, a climbing frame, a tree house and a swimming pool. Inside the house was a table made of vanilla flavor and delicious food was placed on it. I licked my lips because it looked delicious but I couldn’t bite into it because it was a dream and if I opened my eyes my dream would break. So I continued to dream. Then in another room, there was a bed made of ice cream cones. It was a pleasant dream. But after a while I woke up and my dream was broken. This is the story of my dream house. If I could rewind that dream again.

My Dream House Paragraph 200 Words

Home is a place where we can take shelter and it protects us from rain, heat, storm etc. Everyone has their own preferences as to what kind of home they feel comfortable living in, so do I I enjoy living in a quiet and open environment, so building a house on a small plot of land would not be my choice. I want a big open space surrounded by compounds where I can walk especially when I feel bored with my work. I want garden in front of my house which will give me natural environment. Another thing to mention here, I want a house which is far away from main city and industrial area, because I don’t like noisy environment. Oh, yes, what size will the house be? I prefer medium sized houses with 2 or 3 floors. I don’t like very big buildings because I have a small family and I don’t like to rent my house. I prefer to stay on the second or ground floor during summer season as the upper floor gets overheated during high season whereas I prefer to stay on the second or third floor during winter as the ground floor will be extra cold during that period. Next thing is about the gym room, I want to have a fitness center in my premises because I am a young guy and I want to be a healthy person.


So, We have Shared with you The full Perfect My Dream House. You will Get Full Marks on the Exam. If only You read according to class. We have shared from classes 1 to 12. I hope this post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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