My Bedroom Paragraph for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

In this post, We will share with You Paragraph on My Bedroom Paragraph for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. We will share the Paragraph for all of the classes from 1 to 10. So let’s start.

My Bedroom Paragraph

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We are here with three different paragraphs for you. Paragraphs on My Bedroom is a significant topic that you must learn before the exam. These paragraphs can be of great help to you.

My Bedroom Paragraph for Class 1, 2, 3

The only place where I feel comfortable is my Bedroom because it is my own space. It is the only place where I can do whatever I want to do like dancing, singing etc. My Bedroom is the only place where I can relax regardless of anything else. Also, it is the only place where I can clear and refresh my mind. I always keep my Bedroom clean. Because keeping your surroundings clean is very important. An unclean environment gives rise to many harmful diseases and also increases the chances of spreading bacteria, viruses etc.

My Bedroom Paragraph for Class 4, 5

There are so many different features in my lovely Bedroom that I like to share. There are many pictures around it that I have taken with my friends and siblings. I like to make my Bedroom decorative and creative with different pictures and showpieces.

Another reason that makes my Bedroom so cosy is that I like to dance alone in it because I feel embarrassed in front of people. I feel very confident in my Bedroom because I don’t feel it in front of people in other places. I do stupid things in my Bedroom so it won’t say anything to me or judge me.

I do new things every week in my Bedroom and it makes me more relaxed. I focus and think on whatever is happening in my Bedroom or around me or even in the city or state, even in the whole world. I listen to my favourite music at a low volume so that no one else is bothered. I keep the door closed while the music is playing a little louder, don’t lock it.

I feel like I’m planning my future and I’m planning my life in my lovely Bedroom. I do my homework and get distracted often so I write my feelings in my diary which opens my mind to more ideas. I painted my walls with a C theme because it makes me feel more comfortable. Every night I open my windows so that I can look around and feel the fresh air. My Bedroom is the perfect place to enjoy the school holidays.

There is a shelf where I keep my toys and bags. When I fight with a sibling I cry and lie on the pillow and when I am happy I jump on my bed my mother screams that I should stop jumping on the bed. I have a big Spiderman sticker pasted on my door. I have a Spider-Man robot that my mother gifted on my birthday last year. I love my Bedroom.

My Bedroom Paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8

My bedroom is the most comfortable place in my house. This has become my favourite room since living in this house five years ago. It is not very big, the width is just 4 x 4 meters, but it is quite clean. It looks like a small cottage with a bed in the corner of this room. The colour of the bed cover is pink, so soft and calm. On this bed, there’s a pillow, a bolster, and 15 cute dolls that are always with me while I sleep. If you enter my bedroom, you can see a table and a chair next to the bed as my study space.

You can feel the wind blowing through a big window which makes my room always comfortable and bright near the bed. You can also see a beautiful garden full of wonderful flowers from this window. It can change your bad mood to become more cheerful.

In front of the window is a large cupboard with Bali carvings. The carving is so smooth and gorgeous. It looks like the carving in the great temple. If you look around my bedroom you will find a colourful wall. It is a combination of attractive colours like pink, purple and blue. The colours blend perfectly and it shows off the girl’s room. It is also completed by some artificial flowers near the window which beautifully adorn my room. I like to spend my time in this room. For me, my bedroom is my little palace.

My Bedroom Paragraph for Class 9, 10

Bedroom – A small world, my universe, I created. Space is important to my little universe, so I have very little furniture in my room. Basic furniture – a table, a sofa and a wardrobe. All the furniture in my room is made of dark wood with gold inserts.

I consider the most important piece of furniture on his desk. On it, I have a computer and a small built-in bookshelf. I love to read, so I have a huge collection of books. Most astrology books. I have a huge wardrobe. In this, I keep not only my clothes but also other personal items.

I like to watch stars, so there are stars on the ceiling of my Bedroom. When I turn off the lights at night, they shine like the coolest real stars. Every night I sleep under the stars. Eat the moon apart from the stars on my roof. It is large and illuminates at night among the stars.

I love the blue colour. Curtains in my favourite colour in the Bedroom. On the floor, green carpet. It is made in the form of grass, which has long soft hairs. In the evening, I like to read a book lying on the carpet. I love my room so it’s so cosy and warm. Here I can be alone with their thoughts or do their favourite things in their spare time.

When I went to school my first Bedroom came to me. My parents allowed me to choose the design of most of my Bedroom. I love bright colours, so bright wallpaper in rooms with unobtrusive design. Tulle and curtains too, I chose bright colours with a light yellow.

I have a lot of clothes: dresses, skirts, suits. I asked my parents to buy me a big wardrobe so that I could hang clothes in the cupboard, and they didn’t need to be ironed. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is a shelf for shoes. it is very convenient. If not needed, I can take off my summer or winter shoes here.

In the middle of the Bedroom, I have a big bed. Since I love the romantic style, the main focus of my Bedroom, I did a canopy. It is made of light fabric with gold lines. When I sleep I feel like a princess. My mother is interested in gardening. He has a huge collection of colours. Recently, I also started cultivating rare florists. Now in my room for about eight kinds of unusual colours. Beautiful plants fit perfectly into the interior of my room.

She added bright colours and made the Bedroom more confident that my Bedroom was the best. When I’m there, I feel comfortable and confident and can take my mind off problems.


So, We have Shared with you The full Perfect Paragraph on My My Bedroom Bangladesh. You will Get Full Marks on the Exam. If only You read according to class. We have shared from classes 1 to 10. I hope this post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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