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Dowry System Paragraph 300 Words, Ssc, Hsc

In this post, We will Share with you Dowry System Paragraph 300 Words. If You read the paragraph Cairfully then You can expect full marks on the examination hall and class test.

Dowry System Paragraph 300 Words

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Dowry is an activity performed at the time of marriage when the bride’s family transfers money to the groom’s family in the form of cash, movable property or immovable property. It is difficult to trace the existence of the dowry system, but it has been present in India for a long time.

The dowry system brings dark clouds over the head of the bride’s family. Young girls’ fathers dread their daughter’s wedding day and save money for that special day. In the northern part of India, casteism as well as the dowry system are quite prevalent. Every woman goes through an ugly phase where she is made to feel that she is a liability.

Various NGOs have come forward and raised this issue by spreading awareness among the population. The beautiful gesture of extending a helping hand towards the newlyweds has taken an ugly turn.

Dowry is a punishable offence, and whoever, in any way, tries to support or hide the truth, will face legal consequences. Both the dowry taker and the giver will be punished under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961.


So, we have Shared with You Dowry System Paragraph 300 Words. You will get full marks from reading the paragraph Cairfully. I hope this Post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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