Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling him About Your Country Nigeria

In this post, we will Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling him About Your Country Nigeria. It’s will take You around 15-30 minutes to fully understand and complete the letter. So, Read the Letter carefully.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling him About Your Country Nigeria



Dear Shojib,

Nice to hear from you, I am glad to know that you are recovering during this difficult time.

You asked how’s going for us here in Nigeria.

You must have heard that the entire country is under lockdown and with breaks for exercise and shopping, we are all living under a kind of voluntary detention.

The beginning of the lock down instilled in me an old feeling of the past years.

From those car assembly strikes we took back in the ’70s. feeling at the beginning of the strike; After withholding our vote, conflicting feelings, an element of excitement, dare I call it funny. With a strong sense of collective purpose, the usual boring routine suddenly faded away, we were all on the verge of an adventure together. Feeling of being alive.

Well, this time we can’t hand the dispute over to the Trade Council to save our face, we can’t even call a mass meeting and agree to go back on the owners’ terms.

We can only persevere and hold on to victory.

Of course the analogy to a factory strike only goes so far, as the World War 2 analogies are cited by many.

Today we are not in strike or at war, but facing the international spread of a horrific virus that has no known antidote.

Yes, hunger, war, alcohol, tobacco and the current influenza kill millions more people every year than this virus, yet there is no reason to take the corona virus lightly. The disease spreads quickly from carriers before they show symptoms, it is disabling and has killed many people. It is destroying major cities around the world.

So the authorities here have chosen to try to break the chain, imposing a lockdown, a strategy that makes sense so far.

It has been quite a ride and we have found some interesting things, even after just three days.

Organized games, Friday drinks, Sunday drives, restaurant dinners, ops are possible to go without shop visits. We are clearly able to live without TAB, without McDonald’s, without prostitution.

Some of us are in a much better position than others. Despite government relief measures, thousands of workers will be struggling desperately. Some will lose their homes, many workers will not get their jobs back.

More conscientious union organizers are working harder than usual from home, fielding calls for help. The hotline for domestic violence calls is also ongoing.

The situation in some deprived overcrowded Nigerian homes is yet to be thought of and it is still early days of lockdown.

There is clear confidence in the march officials’ line and positive response to the prime minister’s injunction for everyone to be “kind to one another” at this time. Some people angrily dismiss any question of our government on this.

Will these realizations translate into a revived socialist current as we pass through the present stage of the drama? Over the past few weeks, the bourgeoisie has shown that they can take radical decisions. I hope our side can do the same.

your dear friend,

MD Asif.


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