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Write a Letter to Your Favourite Teacher in 200 Words

In this post, we will Informal Write a Letter to Your Favourite Teacher in 200 Words. It’s will take You around 15-30 minutes to fully understand and complete the letter. So, Read the Letter carefully.

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Write a Letter to Your Favourite Teacher in 200 Words



Dear Shakib,

How are you? Hope you are doing great especially because you wrote your maths exam yesterday xD. Anyway, I’m there for the exact same reason XD. What about your exams? I had my biology exam yesterday and it was awesome!! My exam was so easy because of my teacher – Navya ma’am

Hope I have told you about Navya ma’am. She is the best teacher in this world. He is very friendly and lively. Her class is very interesting and she makes every lesson of ours beautiful. Because of that, I love biology!! She teaches us so well that even the most difficult lessons are made very simple. Even diversity in creatures is easier said than done for them!
She is not only the best teacher but also my best friend. She messages with me on WhatsApp and clears all my doubts. She is so friendly that she tells jokes and makes us all laugh. , He enjoys even serious subjects!! We all feel like we’re not sitting in class! She is by far the best teacher in my life.

I hope you will answer me as soon as possible and include about your exams and your favorite teacher. I’ll wait!!

your true friend,

Md Asif.

A letter to your friend about my favourite teacher



Dear Sakib,

Hello. How are you? I hope all is well. A few days ago, you asked me for my favorite teacher. I am writing this letter to inform you about it. My favorite teacher is Kajal ma’am. She is the best teacher. He helped me in every problem, cleared my every doubt. If I don’t understand something, she tries to clear my doubts. He is like a friend. Don’t ever yell at me. If I didn’t do anything wrong, he made me understand that you made a mistake. And from next time onwards I never made the same mistake. She is very beautiful, she always plays with all the students. When I am absent, the next day she asks me why didn’t you come yesterday? She is the only teacher who never makes any mistake. She never does justice. She really is a best teacher.
It’s just in a nutshell, because that’s everything I love in it. She loves girls more than boys. But never said that I love girls more than boys. As I said he never did justice. She is loved by all.. That’s why my favorite teacher is Kajal ma’am.
I hope you like my favorite teacher….because bea ma’am is your favorite teacher. Kajal ma’am is mine.

Take care I miss you every time..
See you soon!

your friend,

Md Asif.


So, we have share with you the perfect Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling him About your Favourite Teacher. I hope this Post from was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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