Write a Letter to Your Cousin Telling Him About The Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing An Art Gallery You Have Visited.



Dear Shoaib,

How’s it hanging with you? I havent seen you for a long time as of now. Ive heard from your mom that you were hospitalized fourteen days prior. I trust when you will get this letter, you are currently in great condition. I think this is an indication that you truly need to quit eating low quality nourishment. Practically regular, you like eating them. Shoddy nourishment have no healthy benefit. It won’t assist you with becoming sound. Rather it causes a few sicknesses. Eating low quality nourishments enjoys no benefits so you better quit eating it. It very well might be hard to absolutely stop it yet attempt to abstain from it gradually. I additionally eat lousy nourishment yet extremely uncommon. Try not to make it time and again. The best thing you need to do right currently is begin carrying on with a solid way of life. Eat nutritious food sources like vegetables and natural products.
Practice every day. Rest soundly. I desire to see you actually soon. Take care consistently.


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