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My Favourite Animal Dog Essay in English For All The Classes

In this post, We will Share with you My Favourite Animal Dog Essay in English. If You read the paragraph Cairfully then You can expect full marks on the examination hall and class test.

My Favourite Animal Dog Essay in English

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A dog is a pet. The dog’s teeth are so sharp that it can eat meat very easily, it has four legs, two ears, two eyes, one tail, one mouth and one nose. A dog saves the life of the owner from danger. Dogs can be found everywhere in the world. Dogs are very loyal animals. Its brain is sharp and the ability to smell things is sharp. It also has many qualities like swimming in water, jumping from anywhere, good sense of smell.

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. People like him more because of his loyalty. They are intelligent, they are attentive. Dogs have many colors like grey, white, black, brown and red. They are of many types like Bloodhound, Greyhound, German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, Bulldog Poodle, etc.

Usually dog ​​eats fish, meat, milk, rice, bread etc. Dogs are sometimes called canines. Dogs are sometimes referred to as man’s best friend because they are kept as household pets and are generally loyal and love to be around humans.

Dogs are so loyal to their master that nothing can prompt them to leave their owner. Whether its owner is poor or a beggar, but still the dog will not leave its master from afar. Dogs see their master coming home from work, they run to him and jump on him to show their love. Dogs are true friends who are always ready to die to save a friend. It can bite a thief or a stranger when they try to prank him by ignoring his barking. Dogs always give protection to the owner day and night.

The lifespan of a dog is very short but it can live for around 12-15 years depending on their size just like small dogs tend to live longer lives. A female dog gives birth to a baby and feeds milk, so dogs come under the category of mammals. A dog kennel is called a puppy or puppy and a dog house is called a kennel. Dogs are classified according to their service such as guard dogs, shepherd dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, etc. It has a strong power of smell which can arrest murderers, thieves and murderers with the help of police. The dacoit army trains dogs to track and detect bombs.

Detection dogs can be deployed at airports, police stations, borders and schools. Tracking and hunting dogs, hounds, terriers and dachshunds are the most popular types of hunting and tracking dogs. These dogs are trained to be eyes, ears and retrievers for their human companions.

Dogs are excellent swimmers. They are indeed a very helpful pet. He respects his master with all his heart and can easily guess his presence by his smell. We must take good care of it and keep them in good condition.


So, we have Shared with You My Favourite Animal Dog Essay in English For All The Classes. You will get full marks from reading the paragraph Cairfully. I hope this Post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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