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Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 Students

In this post, We will Share with you Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 Students. If You read the paragraph Cairfully then You can expect full marks on the examination hall and class test. This Paragraph is for Class 9-10 Students.

Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10

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The environment in an which that we live is called environment. The main elements of the environment are air, water, soil, plants, humans etc. All elements of the environment are related to the penetration. Pollution means affecting the environment negatively and harmfully. When any element of the environment is polluted, it is called environmental pollution.

The air is mainly polluted by smoke created by mills and factories, brick fields and vehicles. People cut trees indiscriminately and set fire to cook food which releases smoke and pollutes the air. Water, another important element of the environment, can be contaminated in many ways. We pollute the environment by discharging industrial effluents, using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Then, when the vibration of sound feels very harsh and loud to the ears, it is called noise pollution. Horns of various vehicles and microphones pollute the sound.

Moreover, the world is producing millions of wastes and there is no suitable place to discharge it. As a result, odor creates pollution and air pollution as well. Various types of deadly diseases and natural disasters come in the world due to environmental pollution. It also causes global warming which can become a serious cause of sufferings for humans in the near future.

It is a major threat to human beings to survive on earth. Illiteracy, public awareness, population explosion, acute poverty etc. are the major causes of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution can be kept under control by creating public awareness, removing illiteracy, planting more and more trees and ensuring proper wastage management.

Government and mass media can play an important role in solving the problem. Finally, if we do not take sensitive care of the problem, we will be in great danger in the future. Therefore, we have to create a civilized and noise pollution free environment to save our lives.


So, we have Shared with You Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10. You will get full marks from reading the paragraph Cairfully. I hope this Post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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