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150 Words Essay on Visit to A Hill Station

In this post, We will share we with You on a 150 Words Essay on Visit to A Hill Station. It will take up to 20 30 minutes to fully understand the Essay and will gat full marks examenation if you can completely Submit the Essay the hall.

Before reading the Essay let’s us know what is Hill Station. A hill station is an town that located at a higher elevation of the nearby plain and valley.

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A Hill Station

150 Words Essay on Visit to A Hill Station

Last year the summer weather was very hot. One day I went to Mussoorie with my friends. It took seven hours by train from Delhi to Dehradun.

Then we hired a car and reached Mussoorie. Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station. The view on the way was very beautiful. First we went to see Kempty Falls. We spent the night in a hotel. All the hotels, coffee houses and restaurants were packed with tourists.

The next day Gun Hill and Company went to see the garden. We spent two hours in the Company Garden. After lunch we continued walking in the market. Finally we went to visit Mussoorie Public School. Its compound is very beautiful.
We saw all the important places there. We were all very happy. We decided to go back home. Soon we were traveling back and we reached home late at night. The memories of that trip are still in my mind.


So, we have Shared with You 150 Words Essay on Visit to A Hill Station. I hope that article has helpful to You. If You can learn the essay Perfectly then submit essay in examination hall then You will get full marks. I hope this Post was helpful for You. If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section.

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